Furnishing Explorations

Sustainable Utopia 2009

As ships are designed the units are compartmentalized in section based on their function. This compartmentalization allows for the security fo the vessel from a hull breakage as well as prvacy in a dense environment.


All electronic and water systems are designed around a central core this reduces costs for utilities as well as leaves an open plan for the exterior of the units. Leading to their airfoil form.


A study model built to experiment with water erosion in sand led to the warping of the programmatic spaces around the utility core. The erosion of the interior extends to the exterior where the smooth exterior directs airflow.

The units were designed to imitate an airfoil, in such a way the low pressure air under the unit draws out stagnant air in the units.  This was further utilized to provide wind turbines in zones not inhabitated for power usage by the residents.