Emergency Pod 2015

Examining our countries history with disaster relief, I was struck by our slow speed of aid, lack of local empowerment, and focus on rebuilding rather than rebirth.


The goal of the pod is to approach each of these three distinct elements with a degree of continuity.


Pods are loaded with valuable supplies

Immediate Aftermath

Pods are small enought to be airdropped into badly damaged locales, including flooded hurricane zones.


In such events the pods would be fitted with extra support structures to keep above flood terrain

Prolonged Response

Units are designed to be combined, creating effective temporary structures for displaced families in the disaster zone.

Unit Connection

Rather than try to embed privacy filters into a small individual unit. I prefer to look at each model as a part of the overall system.  The Nautilus Shell Illustrates the Increasing privacy of the combined units as you travel further into the connected system.


Rebirth of the City

Rather than simply packing up and leaving once rebuilding is complete. Let part of the process play a role in the gorwth of the new city.  A memorial to the tragedy in one regard and also a large public space for the residents to use.