Borgergade Housing Design Development 2010

The design development studio begins with choosing an unbuilt competition entry by a major architecture firm, then taking the firms schematic design through code analysis and detailing.  


BIG’s housing project called for the wrapping of a parking garage with residential units to prevent a dead block in an urban environment.

“Borgergade parking house is part of Copenhagens Kommunes’s strategy for liberating urban space by evacuating cars in to parking structures. The competition brief gave the possibility of two different approaches. One possibility was to create an all parking structure above and below ground. The second option was to make a parking basement with dwellings above.  The first would create a dead block on a central site, the latter would fail to free up the streetscape from the clutter of cars.  We propose to combine parking, dwellings and retail in a single hybrid structure. By wrapping human occupancy around the parking house, the exterior of the building is transformed from a dead parking facade into a living building with inhabited terraces and courtyards.” BIG, Project Brief 2007


We took the hexagonal logic of BIGs rooftop courtyards and extended it to the residences along the front of the structure.  Four ventilation cores  provide ventilation from the parking garage, preventing the need for mechanical ventilation as well as providing additional residential unit seperation without visual seperation.