Furnishing Explorations

 Architectural Hiatus 2010 Tongji University 

Siping Rd. cuts through the site disconnecting a commercial and cultural corridor to the east, from a green corridor to the west.  Taking clues from the canal which passes through the site, we propose a new canal which carves out space underneath Siping Rd.


Envision the system extending along the canal connecting neighborhoods fragmented by growth.  A promenade of residential highrises, commercial  units, and cultural spaces weaving through the urban fabric.


Transportation paths, landscape, and building break up the site into sections.  The border of each area is a commercial space, much like the marketplace border of a lilong community.  The spaces are progressively broken up smaller by other rivers, pathes,  green space and program. This logic extends into the residential highrise where commercial floors, seperate neighborhoods.


In its current state, the low rise lilong housing and Siping Rd creates a scalar disconnect, as the housing is passed without notice due to the speed of traffic.  By building high rises along the road and leaving the periphery open for pedestrian traffic, the scale does not seem so overwhelming to pedestrians or underwhelming to drivers.